Iridium and the K/T boundary at El Caribe, Guatemala

TitleIridium and the K/T boundary at El Caribe, Guatemala
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsKeller, G, Stinnesbeck, W
JournalInternational Journal of Earth Sciences
Pagination840 - 843
Date PublishedOct-03-2001

At El Caribe, Guatemala, we reported the presence of up to 10±15% altered glass spherules near the top of the breccia, which is located stratigraphically near the K/T boundary, and linked these to the Chicxulub impact (Stinnesbeck et al. l997). We also noted that analyses of Ir by R. Rocchia failed to show anomalous concentrations at the top of the breccia (Stinnesbeck et al. l997, p. 703). In this short note we amend this statement and elaborate as to the actual Ir values reported by Rocchia and the precise stratigraphic position of the Ir analyses made by him in our section as well as the section collected by Fourcade et al. (l998). We then place these findings within the context of new geological studies in Haiti and Guatemala.  PDF

Short TitleInternational Journal of Earth Sciences